So if you don’t know me very well that’s okay. One of the things you are about to find out May or May not be life altering news. I am taking honors and ap classes. What does this mean you ask? It means I haw on average 4-7 hours of homework depending on the classes that day. That my friends is why I have been away. I haven’t been chillin hanging out in the Bahamas or any where nice oh no. I’ve been home stressing and cramming in my 11th year of free education that is basically ruining but also making my life better. Ughhhhhh so I will definitely try to keep updating but school is hella hard and I really don’t like it but oh well c’est la vie. Love you all and I will write more sometime tomorrow because I only have a little bit of time tonight so, have a good one!!

-Your Not So Average Girl c:


New Year

So this new year hasn’t been going so good. I have given myself a black eye (on my tuba, that’s a story for later…), a bird crapped in my hair, it just hasn’t been good. I’m almost failing chemistry this semester and I’m really not thrilled about that. No matter how hard I try I just don’t get the concepts very well. If I end up needing to retake it then I will be taking college prep and I hope that would only be for one semester. But none the less I would still need to make it up and as it is I’m taking physics and AP environmental next year meaning another year of 7 classes so I can get the most AP credits as possible before college. I’m hoping that by senior year I will only need six classes but that might not happen if I decide to take a third year of German for a better chance to get into colleges and leave my hell of a family.

Anyway after that rant, on the bright side I am going to disneyland next weekend with my family and I get to play my favourite game; how much can you offend the grandmother. She is everything phobic I swear and not in a good way. She dislikes me usually but this next weekend I get to push some boundaries and see where that takes me. I’m opening a pan romantic demisexual and so it is really hard to talk to anyone in my family if I like a girl or anyone trans so I just am quiet but I am going to borrow my friend’s equality tshirt and am going to wear all of my piercings (two cartilage one nose and two other ear piercings). I am also going to wear heavy eye makeup and bright red lipstick with my black skinny jeans and my all black converse high tops. The best part is she won’t see me until we meet up in the parks so she can’t freak out too much without other people noticing and wondering what is up. YESSSS

On another high note my best friend and I are finally talking again and we are looking at new music together again so it has been a little better.

Oh my, I forgot. I have plans for valentines day and they involve me going over to my friend Jaiden’s house and we are going to watch shitty love movies and eat chocolate. It is gunna be really fun anyways so I’m excited.

That’s all for now!

-Your Not So Average Girl c:


As you know I have a huge family. Every year you buy a gift for one person and that gift is randomly selected by pulling names from a hat. I’m not even joking.

So this year I got my little cousin Finn and I think I’ve miraculously had him like 3 years in a row now. Well anyway I got him Star Wars figurines and a super hero t shirt. He loved it. This was Christmas Eve. So lalalala it comes my turn to open my one gift and it is a box full of super hero socks, a barns and noble gift card, and a mini planner with graphing paper in the back. So then it’s dinner time. We are very Norwegian and have a traditional dinner with all the coffee and breads and desserts at the end.



So my sister wrote a play this year instead of reading the Christmas story. She got all the younger kids involved and it was really sweet.


So yeah then we went home and opened our one present. Pajamas. This year my sister and I have identical llama pajamas and they are pretty darn cool. We went to bed and then we woke up around 2 am to open presents. ‘Santa’ brought me a hella rad hard cover book of the Hubble telescope that I’ve wanted for forever. So my family isn’t really all that rich, my sister and I cost quite a bit in medical bills so we don’t have much extra money to spare for Christmas, so everything little makes a huge difference to me. My parents ordered me my letterman jacket. I started crying.

We still have dinner to attend to at my grandparents house tonight. This might actually be a not so shitty year.

Hope you all had a good one!!!
-Your Not So Average Girl


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Time

I have a large family consisting of over 15 cousins, 1 aunt, 1 sibling, two (ones a step, there’s been a divorce okay) dads, one mom, and family strewn throughout the country and around the world. Literally. I spend this time of the year trying to figure out how to avoid as many people as possible because just in my immediate family there are 5 of us (this includes my dog). Now you say that this isn’t that bad I mean my family could be larger but thank goodness there’s only, like, less than 75 of us. So yeah this is getting really fun and crazy and I am not doing a great job of keeping track of my stuff and everything is just going crazy. I still have 20+ gifts to wrap before tomorrow and I haven’t started.

Also I need to go get new pants for marching because this year I will be marching in the Holiday Bowl with other instrument players from my school district and my pants that they need me to march in are either too big or too small. Yay me let’s go shopping AGAIN right before Christmas, I mean it’s not like there are lots of people at the malls and shopping centers anyways. So yeah this is happening and I’m still sore from yesterday’s marching practice.

Back on the topic of Christmas I am going to be playing euphonium on Christmas eve but this time they forgot to specify a song for me to play or even a genre so guys you know what that means? Yup, Harry Potter theme song melody and more. I’m really excited honestly. Well unless they make me play flute and then I won’t be as happy but still. Harry Potter music is the bomb and nothing you say can make me think otherwise.

So yeah, I don’t really get time on the main computer (the one I blog from) this time of year so bear with me as updates might be kinda slow and such. I’m excited for Christmas and yes this year is going to be better than last.

Hope you all have a merry one!

-Your Not So Average Girl c:

Hi Guys

My name is Jennifer Hetrick. I am a band geek and so much more. I am misunderstood by most of my family and the people around me I really am just not made to fit in. So I had to start a new blog because I have been away from the other one for too long and it would be pointless for me to start it up again now. I feel like my blog is for me and well anyone else who finds it interesting. I will start posting photos and other things soon and I plan on blogging once every other day or once a day. I hope I can keep that up. As it is I have barely any free time due to my AP and honours classes. Um one random fact about me is that I have a pit bull lab mix puppy dog and he is the only one who really loves me in this family of mine out here in sunny California. If you ever want to contact me you can email me at and yeah, I hope you enjoy this.